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This was one profile piece that brought me to tears!

Profile: Proposal

Mahomed Moorad, a resident of Grahamstown and Executive member of the Grahamstown Muslim Association has a vision and goal in mind: to close down the recently opened “Adult World” on Somerset Street. His thoughts and views of the store are clearly highlighted in his letter to the Editor of Grocott’s Mail which was published online on Friday, 2 October 2009. It might seem like a while back, but a follow up has not been done, nor has Mahomed’s point of view been adequately recognised.
My profile on Mahomed will focus particularly on his days walking the streets of Grahamstown, getting the public to sign a petition aimed at closing down the store. A list of key questions I would ask is listed below:

- What was this task of getting signatures and explaining his cause like for him?
- What responses did he get from the public on the matter?
- How many signatures has he been able to collect thus far?
- Has his efforts have been recognised?

This story will make for interesting news since it deals most directly with the Grahamstown community.

A list of ambient sounds will most definitely be the ‘hustle and bustle’ of High Street, where I had the privilege of meeting Mahomed myself, when he approached me for my signature. This will be most natural with a bit of people talking in the background. That could also symbolise Mahomed talking to a fellow citizen.
Below is Mohamed’s Letter to the Groccot’s Mail Editor regarding his thoughts on the opening of “Adult world” in the small community of Grahamstown:

Help save G'town from sex criminals

Fri, 2 Oct, 2009

The municipality is being pressured by lawyers representing Adult World sex shop for granting a permit/licence to immediately open on the grounds that this would be only an “adult retail shop” and later an entertainment centre. I consider this to be a breach of morality.

To fool the municipality and evade the necessary screening process the owner says only adult sex toys, pornography books, videos and DVDs will be sold to Grahamstown consumers. Housing speakers suitable for cinema sound is not taking people into consideration who will be disturbed while resting after work. This also compromises the church housed in the neighbouring building.

The process that is supposed to be followed is as follows: application for an adult retail sex shop inclusive of “entertainment centre”; the town planning due process of inspection and checking; avoiding the public participation/objection due to the immoral nature of the business.

This is a threat to the community and infringes on the constitutional rights of all citizens who are living in this new unique progressive Grahamstown, especially the rights of our children and minors. The Constitution is designed to protect and guarantee our children’s rights against immoral exposure due to neglect. Fort England’s efforts in dealing with sex offenders (which show a direct link between sex crimes and pornography) and the SAPS child protection unit’s efforts to combat and prevent child rape, molestation and abuse will all be nullified and insulted.

A community meeting and public participation is on the agenda. The combined follow up of the roughly 1 000 signatures from concerned citizens, from shops around Adult World, churches, schools, Rhodes University, Fort England Forensic Department, SAPS and Child Protection Unit, Islamic and Hindu centres and legal representation through Legal Aid or helpful attorneys representing concerned citizens to get a court interdict to help the municipality will be in line with the principles of Nelson Mandela’s teachings to create a progressive safe environment, especially for children in this developing South Africa.

Please contact Mahomed Moorad, Secretary of the Grahamstown Moslem Association on 071 922 1227.
Mahomed Moorad